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509, 2018

These Are the Smartest Hacks That Will Save You Money on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships can be a great way to get away for a few days without having to spend a ton of money on a hotel and airfare. However, it’s easy to spend money left and right the moment you get on the ship. If you want to avoid spending money where it’s unnecessary, you’ll have to think outside [...]

903, 2018

5 Reasons Cruises Give You the Most Bang For Your Buck

March 8, 2018    If you're looking for an affordable way to travel, consider booking a cruise for your next trip. Whether you're a couple, a group of friends, or a family of five, your boarding pass is packed with value that's hard to beat with traditional vacations. On top of being reasonably priced right off [...]

1412, 2017

50 Great Insider Tips for an Awesome Cruise

By: Matt Hochberg When going on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are a lot of things that can save you time and money, or improve the quality of your vacation. Here are 50 random tips that our very own Royal Caribbean Blog readers sent in based upon years of taking Royal Caribbean cruises. The intention [...]

2510, 2017

Rum Runner Caught and ShampBooze Wins

Rum Runner vs ShampBooze There is no question that ShampBooze is better in every way than Rum Runner bag flask when it comes to sneaking alcohol on a cruise. When put to a key puncture test, the ShampBooze was 3 times tougher than Rum Runner guaranteeing you will not have alcohol soaked cloths on your [...]

2510, 2017

Play Alcohol Go with Smuggle Mug

Whats funner than catching imaginary monsters? Not paying for overpriced drinks! Take Smuggle Mug's® many disguised flasks where ever you go. If you are going on a cruise, there is no better way to sneak you alcohol on than the ShampBooze II. This hidden flask dispenses real shampoo while hiding 17oz of liquor.  The Sunscreen [...]

1010, 2017

Zero Worries When Smuggling Your Booze on a Cruise with ShampBooze® II Hidden Cruise Flask

  ShampBooze® II for Zero Worry Booze Smuggling on a Cruise Relaxing on a cruise with your favorite booze is a wonderful idea. The problem is that most of the cruise liners make a heavy profit by serving alcohol. Naturally, they don’t want you to bring your stuff so that they can keep their profit-curve [...]

610, 2017

Royal Caribbean Now Requires Drink Packages to be Purchased by Everyone in Your Cabin. Better Reason to Take Your Cruise Flask.

Royal Caribbean is starting to require if one person buys a $55 per day alcohol package, everyone in the cabin has to.  Don't put up with this! Take your own alcohol on your cruise with ShampBooze II. It's the best way to smuggle alcohol on a cruise. The shampoo and conditioner bottles dispense real hair [...]

2704, 2017

Lets Do It! ShampBooze II how to smuggle booze on a cruise

Ok. Our first day on is coming to a close. We did OK but I know we can do better. Everyone can use it or has a friend that would love to get it as a gift. Christmas shopping done early. These patent pending bottles hide 17 oz of alcohol while dispensing real shampoo [...]

2704, 2017

ShampBooze II is now live on Kickstarter! This one dispenses real shampoo while hiding 17 oz of alcohol!

Ok friends and family, I need your help! I just launched my first Kickstarter and desperately need everyone to please check it out and re-post, tag and share on all your social media outlets. Thank you so much for all your support! ShampBooze II by Smuggle Mug is now live on Kickstarter! ShampBooze II is [...]

1603, 2017

Smuggle Mug® Umbrella Flask™. Best Disguised Hidden Flask

It's the perfect time for an Umbrella Flask. Take Smuggle Mug Hidden Flask Anywhere

1603, 2017

Smuggle Mug® ShampBooze® Disguised Flask to Smuggle Booze on Cruise

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know the importance of smuggling alcohol. Those SOB cruise lines offer drinks at crazy inflated prices and then inspect the hell out of your bags before you get on board the ship. Shampbooze is a stealthy way to bring your own hooch on your high seas adventure. The [...]

603, 2017

Smuggle Mug ShampBooze II Soon on Kickstarter!

Hello Smuggle Mug Fans. We will be launching several new Kickstarter campaigns to release some of our newest patented Hidden Flasks. Please Friend us and like us to be notified of all of our new campaigns so you can join the fun and be the first to receive the new Hidden Flasks.