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Whether you’re heading out on a cruise ship or going to a show at a huge venue, we know it’s more economical to take your liquor with you. Here at Smuggle Mug, we offer a wide selection of flasks that won’t be noticed in an X-ray luggage machine or pat down by security. Don’t let the party be ruined by the sky-high prices of booze in a venue, keep things affordable and fun with a secret flask.

Smuggle Mug is a Utah based company that has dedicated its energy to help its customers save money and have fun by bringing their own booze. It all started with the Smuggle Mug a 12 oz flask hidden inside an insulated 22 oz mug. From there we have come up with many more ways so smuggle alcohol places to save the user big bucks. We pride ourselves on unique products designed by us and custom made. We have many patents and trademarks under our belt.

Please enjoy our products responsibly.