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Zero Worries When Smuggling Your Booze on a Cruise with ShampBooze® II Hidden Cruise Flask

//Zero Worries When Smuggling Your Booze on a Cruise with ShampBooze® II Hidden Cruise Flask

Zero Worries When Smuggling Your Booze on a Cruise with ShampBooze® II Hidden Cruise Flask


ShampBooze® II for Zero Worry Booze Smuggling on a Cruise

Relaxing on a cruise with your favorite booze is a wonderful idea. The problem is that most of the cruise liners make a heavy profit by serving alcohol. Naturally, they don’t want you to bring your stuff so that they can keep their profit-curve rise high on the graph. But who said that you have to be like a good school kid who always follows the rulebooks? Sometimes, a bit of mischief can be fun. Most importantly, being adventurous can be great, especially when it can save your hundreds of dollars.

Common Booze Smuggling Ideas often Fail

Many people in the past have tried to smuggle alcohol onto their cruise by putting it into a Rumrunner type of flask. Cruise security x-ray scanners look for the specific shape of these flasks and their noticeable opening and lid. When a spotted bag is searched, security easily finds these obvious flasks and confiscates them. The possibility of getting caught by sneaking alcohol on such type of cruise flask is a good 20%. And the more you try to smuggle, the higher your chance of getting caught is.

Some even opt for hidden flask against their body that appears like a beer belly. Girls try to do some innovative things by placing disguised flask in the innerwear. Now, no such cruise flask is leak proof. Thus, it can turn out to be very embarrassing if it appears that if you have wet yourself. Also, the liquor can get warm very fast when it is attached to your body. Thus, you need something more innovative.


ShampBooze® II is What You Need

ShampBooze®by Smuggle Mug® has long been a popular and successful product. The surveys reveal that only 5% of such shampoo flask gets caught. Good news is that ShampBooze® II has arrived and only a fraction of 1% of it gets caught. One reason is its realistic-looking shampoo and conditioner bottle designs that are changed with every new production run.


The best thing about this product is that it dispenses real shampoo and conditioner while hiding your alcohol.

Thus, even if the bottles are searched, they will only find hair products. You can hide 34 oz of alcohol in the 2 bottles and chances of getting caught are almost nil. So, you can place the shampoo and conditioner flask with your toiletries and get the luggage checked with almost zero worries. However, we suggest not putting them in your carry-on luggage and increase the chance of getting caught.



Be smart, be naughty! Use ShampBooze® II to smuggle alcohol without worry and save hundreds of dollars. Get on board with yours today at and


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