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Cruise Flasks

//Cruise Flasks

Hidden flask to save cruisers money on their bar tab while on a cruise ship. Smuggle Mug is Better than rumrunner.

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    All new Purple Grape protective wine bags are the best on the market.  We took a look at all the wine bags on the market, improved on them, and designed our own.  We use a tough vinyl outer skin, heavy duty protective bubble wrap(twice as thick as some of the other bags) and the best reusable closure on any wine bag.

    We put in not one but two separate heavy duty zip-lock closures, a roll tight dry bag end and a Velcro fastener to hold the whole thing securely closed. The bags is large enough to hold most wine bottles or other fragile objects.

    Most cruises allow you to bring at least 1 bottles of wine per person on board so take advantage of that and make sure your bottles get on board safely without breaking and ruining all your luggage.  With purchase you get 2 wine bags.

  • If you want to hide your alcohol in a wine bottle for your cruise, you want to have extra corks in case you damage the original in the removal process.  These 6 wine corks are 38x22 mm or #8 size.  They are the standard size.

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    Cruise Combo Pack

    Have fun without getting ripped off by crazy alcohol prices on your next cruise. Our combo pack will save you money the first time you use it. Featuring 35.6 ounces of discreet liquor storage in the shampoo and conditioner bottles, you'll breeze right through security.  Once you are aboard, fill your Smuggle Mug's 12 oz flask for cheap drinks as you enjoy your ship. Dimensions: 17.8 ounce Shampoo Bottle 17.8 ounce Conditioner Bottle 12 ounce Mug Flask + 22 oz fillable cup Features:
    • Patented Smuggle Mug
    • Safety Peel Off Lid Seal to Ensure No Leakage
    • Save Money on Liquor
    • New Label Design Every Few Months

    A must-have for you and your cruise mates!

  • Umbrella Flask Zebra Print, Umbrella Flask Tan, Umbrella Flask Blue Plad,

    For extra protection from leaks and random searches use these ShampBooze and Umbrella Flask lid safety seals. They are one more barrier from the security finding out what's really inside your "shampoo" bottle. Comes with 6 seals so you can use them with your ShampBooze bottles 3 separate times or 6 times with your Umbrella Flask. Just simply push one in your bottle lid, writing towards the lid top, and screw on tight. The seals are pressure sensitive so they will stick to the opening of your bottle tight. The adhesive is built into the foam and is released when you screw the lid tight. The adhesive will need an hour or so to set for a leak and smell proof seal. When ready to open, unscrew the lid and peel off the seal and enjoy. Using the seals along with ShampBooze saves the average cruiser over $180 off their cruise bar tab. Its simply the best way to sneak alcohol/booze onto a cruise.

  • Sale! Umbrella Flask Light Blue, Umbrella Lime Green, Umbrella Flask Black w/White Polka Dot


    Looking for a creative way to sneak your liquor past security on a cruise? At Smuggle Mug®, we developed the 35.6oz ShampBooze® Shampoo Flask™ that covertly hides your liquor from suspicious eyes. With its realistic design, security won't even take a second look while searching through your bags! Our speed filler and safety peel off lid seals make it easy to pour your liquor in without wasting a drop while preventing leakage. Convenient flip top lids make dispensing easy. Features:
    • 17.8oz Shampoo Bottle & 17.8oz Conditioner Bottle = 35.6oz combined
    • Discreet design to prevent suspicion
    • Safety seals included preventing spilling, leakage, and scent
    • New label designs every few months
    Order from Smuggle™ now to get the latest design.
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    Cruise Flask 17oz which Dispenses Real Hair Product.
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    Smuggle Mug® has just come out with the ultimate liquor smuggling container for cruises. The ShampBooze®, Shampoo Flask™ is two virgin food grade 17oz plastic bottle that looks like specialty organic shampoo and conditioner bottles which we change every few months. Now you can sneak 34oz of your booze onto your cruise in your checked luggage knowing that even if your bag is checked by security, they won’t find anything suspicious (like a clear plastic flask). As reported to us by users, the average saving on their bar tab was over $180 per set. This bottle is over twice as puncture resistant as rum runner and other flasks and has no seams that could leak. Order a set for you and each of your cruise mates. Also, buy your Smuggle Mug® to carry your liquor all over the cruise so you don't have to keep going back to your room for a refill. Details:
      • #1 Trusted Hidden Flask™ brand, Smuggle Mug total 34oz ShampBooze®
      • Saves you over $180 each time you use it.
      • Each order comes with one 17 oz shampoo and one 17 oz conditioner flask.
      • No marking what so ever to give away its true identity. Pack with your other toiletries.
      • Stronger and way less obvious than other cruise flasks.
      • Great for you or as a gift. Buy one for a cruise mate for twice the fun!
  • Sale! Umbrella Flask Light Blue, Umbrella Lime Green, Umbrella Flask Black w/White Polka Dot


    5 out of 5
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    In today's world, people are all about their mugs. For those of us that want that extra kick, we are proud to offer the Smuggle Mug®. This innocent looking mug holds 22oz alone and also houses a 12oz flask inside that discreetly stores your liquor; perfect for having your favorite mixer and booze in one convenient location. Just blow on the outer rim of the mug to dispense the alcohol directly into your mug. As a bonus for purchasing our Hidden Flask™, we are including a secret compartment on the bottom of the mug that can hide and store small items like aspirin, keys, jewelry, and more! Features:
    • #1 Trusted Hidden Flask™ brand
    • 22oz liquid capacity for the main compartment and 12oz capacity for liquor storage
    • Discreet insulated mug design
    • No markings or labels to reveal its true identity and purpose
    • Great for parties, concerts, sporting events, cruises, and more!
    Order now and show off to your friends!!
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    5 out of 5
    Make your getaway even more exciting with Sunscreen flasks by Smuggle Mug. Our Sunscreen Hidden Flasks are disguised as regular sunscreen bottles to avoid suspicion. To the average person, it'll look like an ordinary travel item, but for the party animal inside of you, it's a portal to the Land of Good Times. Bring your favorite alcoholic drinks to outdoor festivals, Vegas pool parties, beaches, and more! Each purchase comes with three lid seals to prevent leakage during transport, one flip top lid for realism and easy dispensing, and one speed pourer for quicker filling. Features:
    • 12.8oz liquid capacity
    • Three (3) peel off seals
    • One (1) speed pourer
    • Discreet, authentic design
    • Safety seals to prevent leakage, spilling and sent

    These go fast to get yours now!!

  • Umbrella Flask Zebra Print, Umbrella Flask Tan, Umbrella Flask Blue Plad,

    Sunscreen Lid Seals

    5 out of 5

    Keep your Sunscreen flask from leaking and add one more barrier so the fun police don't catch you.  Comes with 6 pressure sensitive seals that fit the Sunscreen flask only.

    Additional Information
    • 6 Pressure Seals
    • Only Fits The Sunscreen Flask
    • Weight: 0.10 LBS

    Free Shipping

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    Wine Corker Cruise Kit Free US Shipping!

    5 out of 5
    $26.99 $25.99

    Smuggle Mug just released the Wine Corker Cruise Kit!  This Kit comes with 2 Purple Grape Travel Wine Bags, 2 corks, 4 different colored shrink caps and one simple wine corker. Most cruise lines allow each passenger to bring up to 2 bottles of wine.

    Check your cruise lines rules.  This kit allows you to fill your empty wine bottle with hard liquor, re-cork it and shrink wrap seal it.  Then slide your bottle into the Purple Grape wine bag and you are ready to go.  The wine bag has a heavy duty bubble wrap on the inside and a strong poly vinyl outside. The reusable opening has two zip lock closures and a fold and Velcro end.  A lot of cruisers take advantage of this 2 bottle rule and by using this kit you can save hundreds off your bar tab by simply bringing your own favorite alcohol with you. Don't forget your Smuggle Mug flask to drink while exploring the ship. Features
    • 2 Purple Grape Travel Wine Bags
    • 4 different colored shrink caps
    • 2 corks
    • 1 simple wine corker

    Stop paying astronomical drink prices.  Buy now!